Atlas Networks Fiber Installation Contractor Guidelines

Thank you for working with Atlas Networks in the installation of high-speed internet, telephone, and television within the Suncadia Community.

To makes things easier for you, our installation techs, and most importantly, the customer, please read through the following installation guidelines carefully. To ensure a smooth installation and unnecessary costs down the road, it’s important that contractors adhere to our guidelines and remain in communication with both Atlas Networks and the homeowner throughout the entire process.

These guidelines ensure that Atlas can provide exceptional service to our Suncadia community members and we appreciate your cooperation.

If you have any questions throughout the process please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Important Notes

  • During the pre-install check, the Communications Panel need to be OUTSIDE or in the UNLOCKED trash room.

  • Please ask the homeowner to contact us DURING the framing stage of the home, not a few weeks before install.

  • Please remember, due to the nature of the Suncadia network and variations in the number of orders, installations can take 4 to 8 weeks to complete from the time your order is paid.

What are Contractors Responsible For?

  • Installation of the EMCE cabinet on the outside of the home or in the unlocked garbage room accessible to Atlas 24/7 (provided by Atlas in the Pre-Installation Check) with 120V power and grounding inside the cabinet (installed by contractor). The outlet must be installed in the lower very bottom corner of the panel to allow room for our equipment.
  • As the contractor, you are welcome to purchase an exterior communications panel directly and install it yourself. Please note, we recommend you select a hinged communications panel as opposed to the older non-hinged versions. In the non-hinged version screws tend to become missing or loose exposing our equipment to the outdoor elements. The homeowner is liable for the cost any equipment damage incurred.
  • If you do choose to purchase an exterior communications panel yourself, the recommended cabinet size is 14” Wide x 32” Tall x 6” Deep (or similar). If the cabinet selected is too small we may not be able to fit all necessary equipment and delay fiber installation. In short, if it’s big enough, preferably hinged, weatherproof, and mounted on the outside of the home, you are good to go!
  • All inside wiring. Inside wiring must be CAT5E or better (CAT6 recommended) to all Internet and TV locations. Patch panels/appropriate demarcation points need to be installed in the EMCE and internal communications panels.
  • Contractors are responsible for the inside communications panel where all wiring terminates. This panel must have 120V power located inside, and be properly grounded.
  • Conduit between the EMCE cabinet and inside communications panel with a minimum (3) CAT5E or better cables, including a pull string for future cabling or upgrade needs, pulled and terminated into patch panel or modular jacks. Atlas charges $125 per hour plus materials to install additional cables (if possible). If the home lacks the (3) required cables, the homeowner may be required to lease additional equipment for the inside communications panel.
  • The conduit connected to the Suncadia communications conduit at the property line and extended to the EMCE panel must have a functional pull line installed. Additional installation fees may be incurred if pull line is not provided and/or not functional at a rate of $75 per hr. The conduit should stub up inside the EMCE panel. Only 45-degree bends and long 90 degree sweeps may be used. If you have questions, please call us to schedule a reduced fee site-visit to discuss. Improperly installed conduits and/or EMCE cabinets will be rejected for service and asked to be installed properly before service can be obtained.
  • If the contractor does not complete the communications panel install properly, Atlas will decline to complete the install until the communications panels and conduit systems are brought up to required specifications.

Please communicate your construction schedule to Atlas so we know when to pull fiber to the home and install the fiber termination equipment.

The more communication the better.

What is Involved in an Atlas Pre-Install Check?

  • Pre-installation check is *required* to be completed before we can place an order for service.
  • The Pre-Install Check and delivery of the communications panel should take place BEFORE drywall/sheetrock is installed. Please ask the homeowner to contact us during the framing stage of the home, not a few weeks before install.

Pre-Install Check for New Homes

  • Includes the delivery of the exterior communications panel (EMCE) if purchased through Atlas.
  • Atlas will visually inspect conduit at the communication vault, at the street, and at the end-point of the EMCE to insure it has been properly connected by code and our specifications.
  • Atlas will work with the contractor during the home construction to ensure the EMCE communications panel and conduits are installed correctly.

Pre-Install Check for Existing Homes

  • If the home has never been serviced before (but already has a communications panel) Atlas will check to ensure the conduit and communications panels are properly installed.
  • Existing Homes with Prior Service: There is a reduced fee for existing homes that have an existing fiber optic cable and communications panel installed. If you are unsure, please contact our office at 206-210-5450.

We strongly encourage new homes to sign-up early in the process as homeowners can roll the setup fee into their construction loan.

What is Included in an Atlas Installation?

Standard Home Installation Includes:

  • The fiber optic cabling that runs from our data center (NOC) in Suncadia to the home. We include up to 400 feet of fiber between the street vault and the home. Runs over 400 feet incur a surcharge of $0.50 per foot above 400 feet.
  • A Fiber Optic Network Termination device (ONT)* that terminates the fiber optic connection from the data center and converts the signal into telephone, internet and television signals.
  • A battery backup (UPS)* that powers the ONT in case of a power outage. The UPS only supports telephone function.
  • Cabling to inside equipment provided by contractor or third party licensed/certified electrical contractor.
  • Labor to fusion splice the fiber optic cabling, pull the fiber optic cabling to the home, and installation and configuration of the equipment.
  • New Home Installations cost $995.00 for standard new home installations. Other charges may be applicable depending on the various situations.
  • Previously Serviced Home Installations cost $695.00 for standard previously serviced home installations that have approved and functional black fiber optic cable installed already. Other charges may be applicable depending on the various situations.

Contractor Job Shacks

Contractors can request a temporary connection for their job shack for internet and/or telephone. The fiber cabling installation is generally an above ground temporary connection.

  • Installation cost for temporary connection that requires an above ground cable to be run is $300.00 for most installations. This includes up to 400' of fiber optic cabling from the nearest vault to the job shack. Cabling runs beyond 400' are billed at $0.50 per foot. This is a non-refundable fee and is not applied towards the installation cost of the home. Contractors are responsible for ensuring the cable and equipment is kept safe from damage. If the cable is damaged it will require a $250 repair/reconnect fee to be paid.
  • Contractors are responsible for the return of the temporary equipment provided by Atlas Networks. If the equipment is not returned within 5 business days of termination of service or if the equipment is damaged in any way, a $500 equipment replacement fee will be charged to the contractor.
  • Internet and telephone costs are the same for temporary contractor service as they are for the home.

Panel Request Form

Please fill out this form ONLY if we are charging you (the contractor) for the delivery and use of the communications panel during the framing of the house. Otherwise, please ask the homeowner to contact us early in the installation process.